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Mushrooms 4 Life

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Our mushroom supplements are expertly formulated and designed by Martin Powell. Martin Powell has spent more than 20 years researching the power of medicinal mushrooms. He is therefore an important figure in our knowledge of the power and therapeutic applicability of mushrooms. With his knowledge and background, Martin has put together our mushroom supplements in such a way that they are accessible and applicable to everyone.

Want to know more about Martin Powell's research? He has written two books on medicinal mushrooms.

Mushrooms straight from the source

Mushrooms are complex. We strive for the highest possible quality for all our supplements at an affordable price. That's why we get our mushrooms straight from the source. This is the place where the mushrooms originally grow. Here they contain the most valuable substances and have ideal growing conditions.


All our supplements are 100% organic. Why? Mushrooms are nature's cleaners. They absorb everything from their environment; good and bad. If the supplements are not completely organic, you run the risk that they contain the wrong substances. Think of pesticides or other chemicals. That is why we are proud that all our supplements meet the strict requirements of the Soil Association and are made without additives, binders and additives. Truly the power of nature in one capsule.

In addition, we do everything we can to make our footprint on the world as small as possible. The mushrooms are therefore supplied in a glass jar.